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Giving a new life to existing medicines

Galenicap is a pharmaceutical development company with a strategic focus on value-added medicines, also known as new therapeutic entities or NTEs.  We are dedicated to improving and repositioning existing medicines to deliver new, better and safer treatment options for patients, and cost-saving opportunities for global healthcare systems.


Bridging the gap in value-added medicines

Galenicap was established early 2022 as a pharmaceutical development company and operates out of Belgium and The Netherlands.


Working closely together with physicians and clinical experts from top-tier university hospitals and medical schools, Galenicap drives novel drug reformulation and repurposing concepts from the idea-phase to clinical proof-of-concept, focusing on formulation development, new IP creation, CMC development and  Phase I/IIa clinical study execution.

Given their day-to-day experience with patients, physicians and clinical researchers are very well-placed to identify new value-added medicine concepts and recommend concrete changes and improvements to existing medicines. However, most physicians lack the required drug formulation and IP development expertise to advance their concepts from the idea-phase to proof-of-concept in patients. As a result, many value-added medicine concepts remain shelved and never reach the patient.


Galenicap bridges this gap by creating and investing in new companies that are centred around drug reformulation and repurposing concepts proposed by physicians and clinical experts, and based on strong unmet medical needs.


The Galenicap approach to
value-added medicines

Upgrading or improving existing medicines can be achieved in various ways, with each approach having its own development tactics, clinical merits and beneficiaries. At Galenicap, we focus on drug reformulation, drug repurposing and drug combination therapies. In addition, we also revive old, previously withdrawn medicines through a process called drug re-registration.

We engage in both, large and smaller niche markets, and focus on development programs with lower development risks and costs, shorter time-to-market timelines and no or little competition.

Target molecules we work on include small molecules, and smaller peptides and proteins, applying different administration routes spread across a wide variety of disease areas.


Drug reformulation

Drug reformulation involves the development of a different formulation for the same medicine, i.e. finding new ways to produce a final medicinal product using the same active pharmaceutical ingredient.


Drug repurposing

Drug repositioning is the process of finding a new therapeutic use for an already known medicine which had initially been developed and approved for another disease indication or disorder.


Drug combination

Drug combination includes the combination of two or more different active pharmaceutical substances that have not previously used together in a single formulation (for example in a single tablet, capsule, inhaler, injectable or patch)


Drug re-registration

Drug re-registration involves the registration of previously approved medicines that have been withdrawn from the commercial markets (except when withdrawn for safety reasons).


Building a diversified pipeline

Galenicap is on the mission to create world-class product 'engine' that rapidly launches and validates new drug reformulation and repurposing concepts.  Today, our product portfolio consists of 15+ drug reformulation and repurposing programs across multiple therapeutic indications, including but not limited to mental disorders,  cardiovascular diseases, oncology, infectious diseases and women's healthcare. 






Infectious diseases




How we collaborate, execute and invest


Candidate drug reformulation and repurposing concepts submitted by physicians and clinical experts first undergo an in-depth and multidisciplinary screening process in which important topics such as the clinical need, technical feasibility (development and production), market exclusivity opportunities, market access characteristics and potential exit opportunities are assessed by a team of industry experts. 

When the outcome of the assessment is positive, we prepare a full business plan for the project which is presented to our Investment Board. If the Board confirms that the proposed business case is in line with Galenicap's investment strategy and EGS policy, the project is selected and budgets are allocated. 

Approved projects are incorporated in separate SVPs (special purpose vehicles) which are funded either entirely by Galenicap or through a co-investment (syndicate) with one or more third party investors. SPVs that have successfully delivered proof-of-concept in patients (Phase I/IIa of clinical development) are exited to larger pharmaceutical and generic drug companies for further development and commercialization.

The pivotal role of the clinical expert

Participating physicians and clinical researchers play an important role throughout our entire development programs, all the way from the idea-phase to clinical development.

They typically contribute to the design of the Target Product Profile (TPP) and the study protocol, and coordinate the execution of clinical study often acting as the Principal Investigator. They also participate in hearings with regulatory authorities and meetings with potential commercial partners. In most cases, we also encourage the collaborating clinical experts to publish clinical study results in peer-reviewed medical journals.  


An experienced team of industry professionals


The Galenicap team owns a wealth of knowledge in the field of drug development and has many years of hands-on experience in pharmaceutical development, managing clinical development programs, and deal-making. Over the past two decades, we have built a broad network in the pharmaceutical and generic drug industry, worked together with multiple university hospitals and technology transfer offices, and developed excellent relationships with physicians and clinical experts allowing us to easily access new value-added medicine concepts and continuously fill our project pipeline.


different molecules we have worked on


clinical development programs executed


formulation patents granted

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Hans Platteeuw
Executive Director

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Laurens Theunis
Executive Director

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Donald Kalff
Non-executive Director

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News, events & jobs


November 8, 2022
Galenicap to present 10 additional lead product candidates
(contact us for more information)

March 1, 2023 
Galenicap created two new SPVs (portfolio companies): Clozathera BV and Mexthera BV


March 28, 2023 
Galenicap to attend Bio-Europe Spring in Basel (Switzerland)

April 5, 2023
Galenicap to attend Global Investor Forum and Innovation for Health in Rotterdam (The Netherlands)


Project Managers 
Coordination of formulation and clinical development projects
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Interested to collaborate, partner or invest?


We collaborate with clinical experts on novel concepts

We work together with clinical experts from (university) hospitals and medical schools to advance their ideas into better and safer treatment options for patients. Galenicap provides financial resources and development expertise  and capabilities - from formulation development to GMP production of clinical batches and clinical development. Are you a clinical expert and do you have a novel idea to improve or relaunch an existing medicine?  Get in touch


We partner with pharma and generics

Together with clinical experts, we develop improved versions of known medicines up to proof-of-concept in patients (Phase 1 or Phase 2). We partner successful projects to pharma and generic drug companies for further development, registration and/or commercialization. Interested to learn more about our portfolio programs?  Get in touch!


We co-invest with third parties in specific projects

Galenicap typically funds the entire development programs (from idea to to proof-of-concept).  For each project (i.e. SPV or portfolio company), we are however also open to co-investments by third-party investors such as university funds, niche investment  or family offices with a particular disease focus, and/or pharmaceutical or generic drug companies. Interested to invest in Galenicap or one its projects?  Get in touch!

Affordable and accessible medicines for all

Our vision is to deliver improvements to the healthcare community by increasing access to affordable and more patient-tailored medicines.


At Galenicap, we pursue an active ESG (Ecological, Social and Governance) agenda prioritizing important topics such as access to health, fair medicine pricing, transparent governance, environmental action, inclusion and diversity.

We are proud to say that all our team members, collaborators, partners and shareholders share these values.


For more information about Galenicap, contact us at:

Galenicap BV
Avenue Louise 65-11
B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

+32 2 535 7797

General inquiries:

Galenicap BV is limited liability company registered in Belgium
Company registration No.: 0782.712.794

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