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Collaborate to accelerate

At Galenicap, we thrive on collaboration. Our commitment to  expediting access to innovative solutions for patients drives us to seek partnerships with like-minded stakeholders. By fostering strong collaborations, we aim to harness collective expertise, share insights, and leverage diverse perspectives to propel our development initiatives forward. Join us on this exciting journey towards a healthier future.

We collaborate with clinical experts and Key Opinion Leaders

Collaborating closely with clinical experts from esteemed university hospitals and medical schools, Galenicap is dedicated to translating innovative ideas into improved and safer treatment options for patients. We offer comprehensive support, providing financial resources and leveraging our development expertise and capabilities—from formulation development to GMP production of clinical batches and clinical development. If you are a clinical expert with a novel idea to enhance or reintroduce an existing medicine, we invite you to connect with us. Let's work together to bring your vision to life and make a meaningful impact on patient care.

We partner with specialty pharma and generic drug companies

In collaboration with esteemed clinical experts, we specialize in advancing enhanced iterations of established medicines, progressing seamlessly to proof-of-concept in patients (Phase 1 or Phase 2). Successful projects are strategically partnered with specialty pharmaceutical and generic drug companies for subsequent stages of development, registration, and/or commercialization. Curious to explore our portfolio programs further? Don't hesitate to reach out! We're eager to share more about our innovative initiatives. 

We co-invest with third parties in specific projects through SPVs

Galenicap is accustomed to fully financing comprehensive development programs, covering the entire spectrum from ideation to proof-of-concept. While we independently fund each project (in the form of a Special Purpose Vehicle or SPV), we also welcome co-investments from external partners. This includes collaboration with third-party investors like university funds, niche investment firms, family offices with a specific disease focus, and pharmaceutical or generic drug companies. If you're keen on exploring investment opportunities with Galenicap or any of our projects, we encourage you to reach out. Let's discuss potential synergies and possibilities.

Interested to collaborate, partner or invest?  Or you have a great project ready for submission?  Get in touch today!

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