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Adding true value to existing medicines

Galenicap is dedicated to its mission to providing patients with the most effective and safest treatment options, all the while establishing a sustainable pharmaceutical business.

Established in 2022, Galenicap BV is a Belgian-Dutch privately held pharmaceutical development company focused on the development of improved versions of existing medicines, featuring enhanced efficacy or safety profiles, and potentially offering new therapeutic applications.  Our mission is to deliver superior, cost-effective treatment alternatives to patients, while also presenting substantial opportunities for cost reduction to healthcare providers.


At Galenicap, we are driven by an unwavering commitment to building a world-class 'product engine' designed to efficiently launch and clinically validate innovative concepts in drug reformulation and repurposing. This engine will serve as the cornerstone upon which we will build a sustainable pharmaceutical business with a diversified product portfolio.

Galenicap has developed a distinctive pipeline that includes multiple ongoing development projects and a promising portfolio of numerous candidate projects spanning various therapeutic areas. Most of the projects in our pipeline involve Novel Therapeutic Entity (NTE) initiatives, combining both drug reformulation and repurposing strategies.

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The advancement of Value-Added Medicines (VAMs) offers a notably diminished risk, cost, and time investment when contrasted with the development of biotechnological products and 'New Chemical Entities' (NCEs). This substantial advantage arises from the foundation of VAMs and NTEs on well-established active compounds, benefiting from a wealth of publicly accessible information. This streamlined approach to development not only reduces budgets and timelines but also empowers Galenicap to effectively manage multiple concurrent projects.

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