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Unleashing the
full potential of
existing medicines

Galenicap is a Belgian-Dutch privately held pharmaceutical development company focused on the development of improved versions of existing medicines, featuring enhanced efficacy or safety profiles, and potentially offering new therapeutic applications.  Our mission is to deliver superior, cost-effective treatment alternatives to patients, while also presenting substantial opportunities for cost reduction to healthcare providers.

Product portfolio

Since its inception in early 2022, Galenicap has rapidly developed a distinctive portfolio that includes multiple ongoing drug reformulation and repurposing projects and a promising pipeline of numerous candidate projects spanning various therapeutic areas.

Everyone counts

Our vision is to deliver improvements to the healthcare community by increasing access to affordable and more patient-tailored medicines.


At Galenicap, we are dedicated to advancing our commitment to responsible business practices. Our focus on key pillars such as social impact, and strong governance, underscores our dedication to health access, equitable medicine pricing, transparent leadership, and fostering diversity and inclusion.

We are proud to say that all our team members, collaborators, partners and shareholders share these values.

Latest news & events

Galenicap to join the REMEDi4ALL Funders Network (click here for more information)

November 17, 2023

Galenicap enters in research collaboration with German university


October 6, 2023

Galenicap enters into development collaboration with two German drug development companies

October 6, 2023

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